The Playalong Books are gifts from Brazilian Heaven. They are essential for any player who wants to learn about Choro; they take us right into the heart of the music.

Paula Robison (Boston, MA)

You guys did a great job with the Brasilian play along music books-CDs, because after listening to real specialists, students wanting to learn about those styles can easily get familiarized with the different rhythms, melodies and harmonies of Brasil.

Muito obrigado.

Paquito D’Rivera (North Bergen, NJ)

At last! I’ve been looking for Choro instructional stuff for a long while. Found you via a recent Amazon search (I ordered the first Ernesto Nazareth Songbook). I’m a guitar player turned cavaquinho enthusiasts without any formal training … so anything you can hook me up with (or future projects of yours) that includes chord diagrams and Tab for guitar and cavaquinho would be greatly appreciated.

Bruce Elliott (Bellingham, WA)

I wanted to write a few words about the Ernesto Nazareth book that I ordered. I am a professional flutist who discovered choro music a few years ago. Ever since, I have been desperately trying to get my hands on what ever I could. Unfortunately much of this music is non-published and passed on only through other choro musicians…none of whom I know. I do have a small collection but hope to continue ordering more of your books as they become available. I especially love playing along with the accompaniments….they are awesome. I play with some jazz musicians, but unless you know the choro style it is hard to replicate. Please keep me in mind for future projects….if you are ever in need of a flutist, I would be happy to offer my services for this excellent cause. Thank you!

Michelle Brick (Cranford, NJ)

You get the choice of playing along with a professional Choro player or with the fun, kicking accompaniment by yourself. The nice thing is these are real musicians who don’t necessarily play just what is written, especially on the repeats, so you get the feel of playing something real. The book is nicely printed and is spiral bound so the pages lay flat. This is not for beginners, but if you are a pretty good intermediate player and can play the full range of your instrument, you can get around on these pieces.

John Gibson (Vancouver, WA)

Congratulations, Global Choro Music, on your beautifully presented Nazareth collection. The books are ultra-easy to use, and handsome at that. Your company is providing an essential resource for anyone interested in developing their skills and exploring all that choro has to offer. I look forward to your new releases.

Julie Koidin (Chicago, IL)
Dois no Choro

The Ernesto Nazareth Songbooks “Classics of the Brazilian Choro” are inspiring and educational. The music is notated very well in the books. The CD really help to understand Choro music with their authentic feel and interpretations. Bravo!

Joseph Guerra (Sterling Heights, MI)

Your books are very high quality, easy to read, and it’s wonderful to hear how they should sound and then have a nice back up band to practice with. Thank you.

Pam L (Chico, CA)

A sterling, practical and very modern work. I’m glad for having participated in this project.

Franklin da Flauta

I just received my order today. I was impressed with the books as soon as I opened them. I have to say , someone has done a great job at putting together a quality book at a very reasonable price. Not only is the material great, but the quality goes right down to the nice paper, binding and the CD recording.

We live in a very remote area of the country and are not close to the cultural entertainment that the big citys provide. We love the books and you guys did a great job! We are trying to get Choro music going in our area, the books are great help!

Michael Haerr (Copperopolis, CA)

First, I wanted to tell you how excited my student was when she saw the Ragtime book! She went right to “The Entertainer” and starting working on it! Her enthusiasm for a 78 year old woman was off the charts! I am sure she will be “entertaining” her family real soon!

Thank you for your kindness and beautiful talent of composing opportunities for those of us that are passionate about Choro music! Continued success to you!

Patricia Rentner

I retired from playing music years ago when I became manager of a few major American orchestras. Now, at 70, I have a renewed interest BECAUSE OF your music which I found by accident. It made me want to play again after many years. I never thought I would do this. Choro has brought me back to a professional level and restored my enthusiasm for performing. Thank you!

Bob Jones (Tilghman, MD)

Thank you so much Choro Group for contributing this fantastic repertoire and making it available globally.

Maurita Murphy Marx (University of Iowa)

El trabajo editorial es excelente y los músicos de primera. El trato comercial, serio y honesto. Mi felicitación a Choromusic; su obra prestigia aún más la música brasileña.

Juan Cuquejo (Spain)