About us

The best professionally produced backing tracks for Brazilian choro.

ChoroPlaybacks.com offers digital files for your favorite choros and their respective playbacks and scores and is a sister site to ChoroMusic.com, which offers printed books with scores and playbacks of choro music.

We produce professional backing and solo tracks with only the best. That means:

  • Our musicians include living legends and buzzy upstarts straight from the choro scene in Brazil.
  • Our music scores and arrangements are done by musicians with deep knowledge and experience in choro. We offer C, Bb and Eb scores and most of our arrangements include the bass lines and the transcriptions of the counterpoints and conventions performed by the 7 and 6-string guitars.
  • Our recordings are done in some of Rio’s and São Paulo’s best studios, with highest grade professional gear to produce a crisp and authentic sound.
  • We deliver two types of audio files to our customers: MP3 at 320Kbps and FLAC (lossless compression – CD quality).

Our work is twofold: we aim to offer the highest quality playalong experience to our customers, while also creating opportunities and giving visibility to the true artists of Brazilian choro. When you support Choro Playbacks, you directly support the choro scene in Brazil.

“When I founded ChoroMusic.com in 2007, my mission was to create the highest quality backing tracks for choro music, and make them accessible to as many musicians as possible around the world. Today, in continuing these efforts, we recognize that digitization plays a huge role in accessibility. That’s why we’re launching ChoroPlaybacks.com, a new site dedicated to providing the digital versions of all our products. Whether you’re brand new to choro or a longtime fan like myself, accessing the best choro playbacks has never been easier.”

Daniel Dalarossa, Founder

Choro Music: Creating history

We started in 2007 and our work over the years has involved creating and recording music with some of Brazilian music’s greatest treasures and choro icons. Here are some examples:

We recorded 11 songs with the guidance of Prof. Altamiro Carrilho present in the studio, three years before his passing. The base music was recorded by his last choro ensemble formation:

Pedro Bastos (7-string guitar), Mequinho (6-string guitar), Maurício Verde (cavaquinho) and Éber Freitas (percussion).

Prof. Altamiro Carrilho recorded two of the solos: Bem Brasil and Frevinho Carioca. We invited ten of the best flute players at the time to record the remaining solos: Antonio Rocha, Carlos Malta, Daniel Allain, Dirceu Leite, Dudu Oliveira, Eduardo Neves, Leonardo Miranda, Marcelo Bernardes, Mário Sève, Toninho Carrasqueira

The base music of the two historic songbooks were recorded by Déo Rian’s ensemble “Noites Cariocas”:

André Bellieny (7-string guitar) who studied with Dino 7-cordas, Darly Guimarães (in memorian – pandeiro), Márcio Almeida (6-string guitar), Ubyratan de Oliveira (cavaquinho).

The list of soloits is just amazing, here are some of them: Daniela Spielmann, Déo Rian, Dirceu Leite, Izaias do Bandolim, Marcelo Bernardes, Mário Sève, Carlos Malta, Danilo Brito, Franklin da Flauta.

Choro Music founder Daniel Dalarossa had the great privilege to record the main repertoire for choros by Zequinha de Abreu and a collection of American Ragtimes with the choro swing with “Época de Ouro” choro ensemble, originally founded by Jacob do Bandolim.

The formation at the time was: André Bellieny (6-string guitar), Jorge Filho (cavaquinho) Jorginho do Pandeiro (in memoriam – pandeiro), Toni 7 Cordas (7-string guitar).

The solos were made by a team of extraordinary musicians: Antonio Rocha, Daniela Spielmann, Derico, Izaias do Bandolim, Nailor Proveta, Paulo Sérgio Santos Roberto Sion, Toninho Carrasqueira, Aleh Ferreira, Alexandre Ribeiro, Mario Seve, Harvey Wainapel.

The two Waldir Azevedo songbooks cover the main repertoire of this great composer in choro.

The base music was recorded by another team of stars: Israel Bueno de Almeida (7-string guitar), Italo Peron (6-string guitar), Adriano Busko (percussion), Getulio Ribeiro (cavaquinho), Filipe Dourado (cavaquinho), Arnaldinho do Cavaco (cavaquinho).